hand-me-down adventure



We are hmda


Hand-Me-Down Adventure is made up of Austin Davis, Samuel Brinkman, and Travis Knight.  The guys moved to Austin in the summer of 2016 because they knew it was a weird place to hang out.  Their first house in Hyde Park was a toxic waste.  It cost double what it should with 4 times the rats.  And there was that time Austin got bit by a rabid cockroach in his bed.  Admittedly his bass playing has been next level since the attack.    Their current house costs much less and was a badly needed step up in hygiene.  It sits right next to the airport.  After a few months breathing in brake dust and jet exhaust Sam's voice has never sounded better.  Travis has always been good at drums, though, he's never been right in the head.  They thought it was a good time to record some Texas surf-rock.  Their first album is Chapter 3.

It starts in the middle.

 It's a Hand-Me-Down Adventure...

Drums / Travis Knight (T-Rave)
Vox & Guitar / Sam Brinkman (Samsky)
Bass / Austin William Gage Davis (A-Town))